Q: Why should we hire a caricaturist for our event?

A: Hiring a good live caricature artist is fantastic fun! You'll find everyone buzzing with anticipation at what is going to be drawn next,

fascinated by the artwork being produced.  It is guaranteed to keep everyone highly entertained, and if they decide to be drawn,

your guests get to take home a superb momento of your wedding or event!


Q: How long does it take to produce an 'on-the-spot' caricature ?

A: Each caricature takes approximately 4 - 5 minutes per person, but this depends on quality of lighting, how good looking the victim

is, how many people are in the picture, and how well they behave themselves!!


Q: How many hours do you work for ?

A: This varies from job to job. Sometimes I work for a few hours, but I have drawn at some events all day.


Q: Do you work alone, or with other artists ?

A: Generally, I will work alone, but I sometimes work alongside other caricature artists, clowns, magicians, comedians and silhouette

artists etc.


Q: Do your caricatures ever offend anyone ?

A: I try my best not to offend anybody! My aim is to compliment, but also to give people a giggle, so I always add a cartoon element to my caricatures.

The frail, vain or ugly may get offended though! (Remember...  It's a caricature, not a photograph or

portrait painting!) ... and it's done to raise some laughter and harmless banter!


Q: What materials do you use ?

A: My caricatures are produced on high quality card, your choice of either A3 or A4. I draw with instant dry black marker pens

using grey shading. Each caricature drawn is supplied in a transparent plastic sleeve to protect the artwork from any drink spillage.


Q: How far are you prepared to travel ?

A : I am willing to work wherever you want me to, as long as you are willing to cover my travelling expenses (and accommodation if

it's a long way from home).  I have worked all over the UK, The Netherlands, Reno, San Francisco, and Las Vegas! ...so I am always willing to travel further afield...Just ask!


Q: Does travel cost extra ?

A: Travel cost will be calculated, advised and included in the overall booking fee.


Q: How long have you been a caricature artist ?

A: I have been drawing cartoons since a very young age and producing on-the-spot caricatures at various events for a number of

years. I was also a resident caricature artist at 'ALTON TOWERS' theme park for the 2011 summer season.


Q: How much do you charge for your services ?

A: Prices depend on booking times and how far I am required to travel. I generally perform for 3 hours at an event, but we can

negotiate if you wish me to stay for longer , UNLESS I have another event to get to. Please contact me via email or telephone for



Q: I would like you to draw caricatures on an exhibition stand at a show or expo that I am promoting my business at, is this

something you can do ?

A: Yes! This is a GREAT way of attracting people to visit your exhibition stand, and it also leaves them with a unique free gift that they

can take away and hang in their home or office! The paper I use can be pre-printed with your company logo and website address

(optional), I also offer the option of full colour digitally drawn caricatures, (Please check out my 'Live digital caricatures' section on the website)..

Caricatures drawn on your stand will help enhance your marketing programme at the show / expo. It's great fun, and generates lots of interest!

Contact me by telephone to discuss ideas and options.


Q: Do my guests have to pay you for their caricature ?

A: No, they are supplied FREE of charge to your guests. The cost of hiring me covers everything.


Q: What will you be wearing on the day ?

A: I wear a smart shirt and trousers as a matter of course, however, I am always happy to discuss any alternative dress

requirements should they arise.


Q: Do we need to provide you with any food and drink ?

A: Most of my bookings do not require any meal breaks, however, I will require the occasional soft drink to keep me alert and

hydrated. A five minute break will be required for each 3 hours of drawing.


Q: Will any of the artwork you produce at our event appear on the internet ?

A: Occasionally (if time allows) I will grab a few quick snaps of your guests holding up their caricatures. These images may be used

as promotional material on my website, blog or facebook page, but ONLY with the subjects permission to do so. ANY objections to

the photographs being displayed online will naturally be respected.


Q: Do you require a deposit if I wish to make a booking ?

A: Yes, a deposit will be required to secure the booking. This will be 50% of the total booking fee. A booking confirmation will be

produced and sent to you in the post, and payment balance will be required no later than one week before your event, or in cash

upon my arrival. ALL deposit payments received will be acknowledged via an e-mail. If I am unable to attend your event due to any

unforseen circumstances ( car breakdown, Illness, family problems etc ), your deposit will be immediately refunded with my sincere



Q: What methods of payment do you accept ?

A: I accept payment via Cash, Cheque, Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer (BACS)


If you have any other questions, please feel free to call me on 0751 799 3358

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